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Sasa Antic

Take a look at the beautiful home of the Swedish interior stylist.


Healthy treats the kids will eat.

Hello Yellow!

A bright cheerful color that can liven up any space.

It's Copper!


I need an organized kitchen!

In addition to having not so big bathrooms in the new house, the kitchen is basically a long hallway with a small countertop. This is difficult, as you know, because I love to cook. It's truly been a designer's challenge trying to figure out how to organize the space so everything is accessible. I'm sure I'll post pictures when I'm finished. In the meantime, take a look at these small kitchens that I adore.

Via Kitchen Cove
I think I like this because it reminds me of a kitchen that would be in an NYC apartment. Fire escape outside the window and everything! Definitely an efficient use of space with the rails for the dish rack and utensils. We had the same thing from Ikea in our BK apartment.
I'm diggin this mellow yellow space. It has a very Mod, 60's feel. Plenty of counter space, I'm jealous.

Via Kitchen Images
Whoa!! Look at this stunner with a gold/marble combo. Very nice!

Via Escorial Design
This is a clean, but cozy kitchen. It seems that there is a place for everything. Love the addition of the plants.

Via Kitchen Building
Now, this isn't a small kitchen, but i love the open shelving and the accessories.

Via Kitchen Organizing
OH. MY. Gooodness!!! I love these organized open shelves!!!

Via Simplified Bee
Nice...very nice!!

Via Simplified Bee
The color palette and materials really speak to me. I like it!

Once we've gotten a bit farther along in our organizing, I promise to post some pics!

Until next time,

Tchau, Tchau!

Bath time

So, we've moved AGAIN. Same neighborhood, different house. The previous house, which was lovely and modern and bright, had a miriad of structural issues. This house is a bit smaller, but it's cozy. And it will feel much better once everything is organized and in its place. I would say, the only issue is that the bathrooms are small and don't have much storage space. I'm on the hunt for new ideas for small spaces.

I like this colorful, family friendly bath. it's functional and fun. 

 Via Houzz

 Love the blue and white in this bath. Plus the artwork and window treatment add a bit of presence. 

Via Freshome
Love the artwork and the attention to detail in this space. Nice color palette! 

Via Freshome
This space is super functional and modern. The shower head looks dreamy!

Via Freshome
I don't consider this bathroom small at all, but I would LOVE to soak in that tub! 
Beautiful space with modern and natural elements.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas for small baths in the comments.

Until next time,

Tchau, Tchau!


I don't know if I'm homesick or if I'm just food sick (new word alert!). The one thing that I LOVED about living in NYC was the variety of food that you can find. Somehow, our old file folder of menus made it all the way to Argentina. It literally made my mouth water. There are some things that I'm ok about because I've learned to make them on my own and other things, I just wish I could get an overnight delivery. Although I love the bread and pastries that I've had here in Argentina, there is nothing like a New York City bagel. Preferably with cream cheese and strawberry jelly. I've been torturing myself with Gothamists Best of lists. Here is a list of my own. Purely based on nostalgia.

Best Butter Ipoh Squid: Nana in Park Slope. This stuff is basically crispy calamari, extra spicy! Plus, they have a great Asian fusion menu and pretty stiff cocktails.

Best Tex-Mex Sunday Brunch: Lobo in Park Slope. Migas ALL DAY. And they have a pretty good Margarita too!

Best Chicken Wings: Dallas BBQ Love the fact that you can eat the wings as they are, or dip!

Best Almond Croissants: Choice Market in Clinton Hill. They had two locations right around the corner from our apartment and we would usually go to Choice Green for a quick coffee and pastry or to Choice Market on Lafayette if we wanted to sit and read the paper. They would always give Fifi a those guys!

Best take out Mac & Cheese: Mac Bar in Soho. The Classic, Primavera and 4 cheese are my favs. Plus if you get the larger size, they come in these cute elbow macaroni shaped boxes!

Best Food Cart: Calexico on Wooster and Prince in Soho. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their black bean and avocado quesadilla complete with crack dip.

Best Cannoli:  Ferrara Bakery & Cafe. When I was pregnant with Fifi, I had a craving for cannoli and I walked my big pregnant ass all the way from Wooster and Prince, down to Grand and Mulberry. It was worth it.

Best Peanut Butter Cookies: The City Bakery in the Flat Iron District. In addition to having just a wonderfully catered menu each day, their cookies and hot chocolate are unbelievable!

That's all I can think of for now in terms of what I'm missing. Please, feel free to share your favs in the comment section.

Until next time,

Tchau, Tchau!!

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Chevron Lumbar-Everglade Pillow
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Chevron Lumbar-Everglade Pillow

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Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)


It has been an uphill battle trying to get the kids to eat healthy. I'm sure all parents can relate. Its like they have radar for soda and candy and cookies. We don't even keep that stuff in the house! They will eat bananas till the cows come home, but I want to add a bit of variety. I want them to really like eating veggies. In my daily search on Pinterest, I came across the idea of making snack trays or nibble trays. Basically, you put a variety of little munchies out and let them go at it as they please. They definitely don't like sitting still so this may be a good solution.

I didn't have small enough muffin tins or big enough ice cube trays, so I used a nice decorative plate. It has lots of color and they like color!

As you see here, I alternated fruits(apples, raisins, peaches), veggies(cucumber, avocado) and a little bit of protein(boiled eggs). You can season as you like or even add a bit of dip.

I think it was a success. When I put the tray down, Toots yelled "Wow" in his cute lil toddler voice. The tray wasn't empty at the end but it's a start.

How do you get your kiddies to eat?

Until next time,

Tchau, Tchau!!

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